Press: The Ultimate Guide to Boston’s Cold-Brew Coffee

August 13, 2012

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The Boston Eater wrote about cold brew today.  They were kind enough to include Ride Studio Cafe in the list of bars that serve this perfect summer drink.

Last week the Ride Studio Cafe shared some reasons they offer cold brew:

“Brewing with cold water extracts the flavor elements typically found in coffee, but with a bit less of the acid.  […]

“Perhaps one of the coolest elements of cold brewing is the wide range of flavors you’ll taste when using different coffee varietals. You’ll find that some varietals are sweeter and brighter, while others are toastier and more subdued.  […]

“No matter your coffee preference, chances are that we’ll be trying out a new cold brew each time you come to Ride Studio Cafe.”

The Boston Eater had this to say:

Iced coffee aficionados argue that the best cup is a cold-brewed cup […]  Cold-brewing often produces a less bitter coffee, allowing more subtle flavors to shine through. There are a variety of ways to cold-brew, mostly consisting of a 12-to-24 hour steeping period, either refrigerated or at room temperature, followed by filtering and diluting with cold water.  Boston coffee shops have taken note of the trend, and so […] an increasing number have begun to offer cold-brew coffee in recent years.


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