Journal: Ran From the Front, Gun to Tape

August 10, 2012

in Journal Notes

Location Friday:  Seven     ||     7:35 am –  9:40 pm

  • Thinking:  Idea generation vs. doing the work.  I was talking with someone today about this.  I – and this person – generate a lot of ideas.  That’s always been the easy part.  It’s the execution of the ideas that’s time consuming and important.  As Michael Porter is often quoted – and I paraquote – there are no new strategies, just execution.  Why isn’t “paraquote” a word?  It is now.
  • Time Marker:  My brother, Ken Vandermark, posted a Kickstarter project!  Very exciting.  Check it out.  And contribute to an amazing project.
  • Graphic Design:  Place the sticka order for the Ride Studio Cafe.  Two versions.  Not rocking my world but not every project is perfect.  But most of them are?
  • Note:  I know I’m working too fast when spell-check can’t figure out what I’m trying to spell.  When it recommends “agrarianism” when I meant “generation” it’s time to type slower.

Post title:  “David Rudisha, who ran from the front, gun to tape, to become the first man in history to break 1:41.”

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