Journal: What They Do Isn’t Real

August 8, 2012

in Journal Notes

Location Thursday:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:35 am –  8:40 pm

  • Business Development:  Titanium sourcing continues to get more and more difficult.  I see this as a positive situation but it sure does take a disproportionate amount of time to manage now.  Sources are fewer; partners are scarcer; material quality is less interesting to most people.  Conversely, we’re actually pushing harder on improving material quality.  A post for another day.  Seven’s titanium is better than it’s ever been – and that’s saying a lot – but it’s more and more time consuming to keep the incremental improvements going.
  • Recruiting:  We hired one of the eight for which we’re searching.  Not bad so far.  Still too many candidates through which to search.  Hours each day going toward this right now.  Matt O. is helping search for one more person and then it’s all on Chantal and me.  And a bit on Jennifer M.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapped up arm and knee warmers for the Ride Studio Gear.
  • Time Marker:  Four fittings at the Studio today.  I think I’ve got too much happening.  Not keeping up at all.

“Little kids […] feel if their parents aren’t watching what they do then what they do isn’t real.”  –  Philip K. Dick, The Man In The High Castle.  This is definitely the way I feel, and my parents aren’t usually watching me.


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