Journal: Probably Arboreal In Its Habits

July 31, 2012

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Location Tuesday:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     8:40 am – 8:35 pm

The Ghost of Seven Cycles. The halo left by bead blasting Seven’s head tube badges. | Photo: Rob Vandermark

  • Graphic Design:  Website 2013:  for Seven Cycles.  We’re beta testing now.  I’m liking it.  Clean, simple, more informative, more content, more images.  Stripping apart the old site.  New user interface is coming along, too.  Getting some push back on this idea.
  • Month end.  Seven Cycles continues to have a very good year in spite of all the external signs – domestic and international.  We still have a tremendous amount to do but domestic sales volume is up more than anytime in the past five years.  Good momentum that we’re working on continuing.
  • Design:  Brochure 2013.  Everyday we’re moving a bit farther along on this.  I’m pulling together some of Seven Cycles old technical manuals for reference material.  As I mentioned before, because this is actually two project – not including the website – I’m working on them both, in tandem.  On of the “brochures” is just about done already.
  • Connecting:  Trying to help Steven L. with a cool espresso project.  I’m trying to connect him with the right person(s).  I can’t wait to see this project in action.  He said that Ride Studio Cafe can borrow it!
  • Future Think:  Had a conversation with Bill G. today; he’s one of two investors in Seven Cycles.  A good friend.  He’s been an investor for 15-years.  He must be a bit crazy.  We talked about Seven’s five-year plan; it’s coming together well.  He’s more interested in where I’ll be in five years rather than where Seven will be.  Somehow I think they may be related.
  • Time Marker:  Thank golly the Where’s Waldo project at Ride Studio Cafe has ended.  Not my cup of tea.

Title taken from:

“Man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits.”  –  Charles Darwin.  I find it very telling that we “descend from” rather than ascend from.  We are truly descending from our hairy tree lovers.

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