Journal: You and Frank Were Planning To Disconnect Me

July 30, 2012

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The World of Welding Tandems | Illustration: Skunk

Location Monday:  Seven     ||     7:50 am – 9:25 pm

  • Project:  Retailer newsletter refresh for Seven Cycles.  We’ve had a newsletter since we started Seven 15-years ago.  It used to be print 12 times a year.  A few years ago we went to email version and weekly.  We’re in the midst of a revamp.  This is a newsletter that’s just for Seven’s retailers.  It’s a great communication tool.
  • Production Process:  The never ending iteration of entropy.  Working with entropy is the key.  And very difficult to do.  Fighting entropy sometimes seems necessary.  I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about entropy flow and how to harness it.
  • Design Project:  Cold brew growlers for Ride Studio Cafe.  Erica’s been working on this idea.  It’s going to be a cool drink in the Lexington area.  Working on permitting and growler design right now.
  • Recruiting.  Yipes; so many hours.  All worth it.  Some good candidates in each of the categories for which we’re searching.
  • Meeting:  Met with my only mentor this evening Tim E.  I’m not much for mentors.  Tim is a very rare person.  We had a great conversation that spanned our 25-years of working together.  I’ll document that soon.

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