Journal: Fix My Lighthouse

July 19, 2012

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Location Thursday:  Seven     ||     7:10 am – 9:35 pm

  • Jeff H’s Pegoretti – Big Leg Emma

    Project:  Recruiting seven people.  Too much happening; Even though others are helping manage these searches it does seem to take a lot of my time.  here’s the rundown all the hiring I’m involved with at the moment:

    1. Seven Cycles Framebuilder:  Matt O. managing
    2. Seven Cycles Framebuilder #2:  We might bring in two people; we’ll see.
    3. Studio sales person:  Chantal and Patria are managing
    4. Cafe person #1:  Chantal and Erica are managing
    5. Cafe person #2:  Chantal and Erica are managing
    6. Right Hand Person to work with me:  Chantal managing
    7. Secret hire:  I’m looking for another person but it’s top secret right now.
  • Advice Column:  Speaking of recruiting, for anyone looking for a  job, here’s some advice I’d take to heart.  I spend about 10% of my every 100 hour week on recruiting.  I’ve hired hundreds of people and reviewed many thousands or resumes over the past 20-years.  I’d estimate that about 1 out of 3 resumes is pretty decent – meaning that I don’t have a strong urge to shred the resume.  Grammar is not super important for most of the people with which I work.  Regardless, making an effort with grammar sure doesn’t hurt your odds of success.
  • Project:  Low mount dropouts:  creeping along.  Stef is now waiting on me.  We’re negotiating.

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