Journal: Meeting to Meeting to Meeting to

July 11, 2012

in Journal Notes

Wednesday Location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     8:10 am – 8:10 pm

Riding From the Rain | Photo: Natalia Boltukhova

  • Project:  Got the first glimpse of Natasha Boltukhova’s photo set from the Green Mountain Double Century.  Many amazing photographs; completely different from her 2011 work.  She’s also working on a video for that race; I can’t wait to see it.
  • Press Interview:  Working with Seven Cycles on a piece with a writer for a new magazine that’s hitting in September.  Interesting magazine idea and a great article concept.  Nothing radical, just good reporting.  I’ll post some of it soon.
  • Time Marker:  One of my favorite bikes is back in the Ride Studio Cafe fold:  The Seven Cycles Cafe Racer single speed travel bike.  London is now on it’s list of travels.
  • Project:  Hiring.  For some reason I’m helping with hiring for six jobs right now.  It feels like I’m always recruiting.  It’s an amazing thing when we hire the right person for a job.  This set of four jobs is interesting because they are all so diverse.  It’s a bit difficult for me to keep them all straight.  That’s Chantal’s job – at least for three of them.

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