Ride to Russia?

July 8, 2012

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I rode with the Ride Studio Cafe crew this morning – for the first time.  Not sure I’m going to do that again because my GPS tracking unit told me we took a very circuitous route.  Actually, it was my fault; somehow I took a wrong turn and ended up in southwestern Russia – near the Trans-Siberian railway.  Fortunately, my orienteering skills got me back to the group ride before they returned to the Studio.

The 5,000 mile Pacific water crossing was a bit of a drag; I would have taken the Bering Strait but I heard it’s under construction.  Here’s the actual route I took – as shown by Garmin.

Not much going on in that area of Russia – at least when I visited yesterday.  Was going to drop by Birobidzhan but I knew I needed to average 143.5 mph in order to meet up with the ride before they got back to the Studio, so I skipped the vodka and intercepted the group at Col de Lex.  I’ll explore more of Russia on the next ride.

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