Journal: Nothing But The Expression

June 14, 2012

in Journal Notes

Location:  Seven     ||     8:40 am – 8:35 pm

  • Press:  The Dig Boston just posted about bikes for the week.  They include four items of interest about bikes; Ride Studio Cafe and or Seven are    closely connected to all four of the mentions!  I think that’s pretty cool.
  • Project:  Getting the Seven Cycles sales programs organized for Q3.  And iterating some of the key account plans.
  • Project:  Alt Rock.  Testing program pretty close to ready – mainly back on track after being derailed about a dozen times because of other project priorities.  Moving too slowly on this project.  Such a common situation for me:  pressing and important overshadows future and important.
  • Graphic Design:  reordered the last round of Seven Cycles’ limited edition “Ride Inspired” t-shirts.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • Graphic Design:  Working on the Ride Studio Cafe’s team bike paint scheme.  It’s a bit complicated; a few components getting painted, too.  First frame going into paint today.

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