Journal: If at First You Don’t

June 11, 2012

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My Shield for the Let's Talk About Bikes opening | My tagline: All Paths to Cycling; in Latin "Omnes Semitas Revolutio" | Design by BSA

8:25 am – 9:05 pm     ||     Seven

  • Graphic Design:  2013 website project is well under way.  
  • Management Tenets:  I’ve got very strong and well founded reasons for my  views on people management:
    • Systems flaws or people issues.
    • Moving toward or moving away from.
    • Positive or punitive.
  • Project:  Test bike for a big magazine.  Working on what that bike’s going to look like.  It’ll be a great test.  More to come once it’s public.
  • Project:  Green Mountain Double Century team preparation.  Lots to do in the next four days.  Bike building.  Team coordination.  Getting everyone to look pro.  The team – and manager Matt Roy – rock so it’s easy for me but it’s still a lot of logistics and preparation time for me.
  • Graphic Design:  the Studio Kit design is officially to Capo.  Looking forward to seeing the latest kit on people.
  • Here’s the shield I made through the BSA’s Let’s Talk About Bikes site in preparation for tomorrow night’s opening.
  • Random:  Ann Rand’s objectivist epistemology:  a license to be amoral or a mandate to be responsible?

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