Project: Floor Plan 2.0 at Ride Studio Cafe

June 6, 2012

in Coffee, Design, Present - Meaning Today

This is actually a lot of projects all rolled into one ongoing series of alterations.  Here are the Ride Studio Cafe projects for the second half of 2012:

  • Dedicated bike display:  We’re re-purposed one of the cabinets to create an area that highlights one discipline in riding every couple of months.  So far we’ve presented:  randoneuring and cyclocross.
  • Cafe MenusRedesign the
  • Bike fitting area:  Redesigned to:
    • Improve the fitter’s line of sight
    • Provide more space for fitter and client
    • Better seating
    • More room, and better space, to discuss components
    • Cleaner more minimalist design – better shelving
    • Wall-mount mirrors
    • Improve bike and wheel storage capacity while improving overall presentation to the client
  • Redesign the bike mechanic area
  • Redesign the service bike storeage area

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