Journal: Dogging It

June 5, 2012

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Sketch from one of my design meetings. Discussing the Elium frame design.

7:35 am – 8:05 pm     ||     Seven  |  Studio

  • Project:  Trying to wrap up the latest private label project.  Project CFG-Ride.  It’s gotten more complicated and larger; mostly in good ways.  Looking at titanium and now steel, too.  I’m looking forward to completing the prototypes and getting feedback.
  • Project:  The Seven Cycles Framebuilding Kickstarter.  Working on the next generation of this project.  We’ve been supporting framebuilding learning from our inception.  We’re more formally organizing this project to make it work better for all.  We’ve had incredible success over the years; I can’t wait to see what the next 12-months bring.
  • Product Design:  A few months ago Seven Cycles introduced out 1″ chain stay design.  It’s a specialty design that’s appropriate for about 1% of riders.  But, that’s what we do, we design for every type or rider and riding situation.  Matt O. reminded me about it yesterday.
  • Project:  Working on the next organized ride for Ride Studio Cafe.  The Plan:  80 miles to the Wachusett Mountain area.  Pamela Blalock setting the route.  Here’s the draft.  Working on a few changes.  And working on food for the farpoint.  We’re not actually climbing Wachusett because it’d be more than a century.  On the positive side, the ride includes the longest category 3 climb in Massachusetts; at 7.8 miles it’s the longest climb – of any category – within 150 miles of Lexington.  Possible ride names include:
    • The Long Climb Ride
    • Twelve Pond Ride
    • Justice Hill Ride [or whatever the hill is called]
  • Project:  The Sul Posto Cafe was an idea I developed almost exactly two years ago.  It’s a prortable cafe but not a cafe or canteen truck.  I wanted to develop something that was more versitle – and less costly – because the Ride Studio Cafe menu is ever changing.  Last weekend at the Observatory Metric Ride the Sul Posto was a big hit again.  I’m glad we made it happen.  Thanks to Erica R. and Anna A. for being hostesses and braving the Observatory’s black bear.  The project is ongoing and I look forward to it’s evolution.  I’ve got a series of ideas for the next few.

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