Journal: Sunday – Some Sun

June 3, 2012

in Journal Notes

5:40 am – 7:05 pm – Team Dinner TRADE     ||     Studio

  • Event:  The Ride Studio Cafe’s Observatory Metric Century Ride was a huge success.  Expected about 40 people because of the weather.  At least 90 showed up.  I had to double the food volume to keep up.  It all seemed to work out well. Now preparing for the next two events with Rialto-TRADE:  June 15 and July 1.  Both are big.
  • Event:  Ride Studio Cafe Racer dinner at TRADE Restaurant.  Sean put this together a while ago.  It was really nice to see the team in street clothes.  It helped me realize how much the team is more than a team.  Every single person on the team is really nice, humble, dedicated, and more.  Sean Griffing was very gracious to put this together.  What an amazing team we have.  Dave Chiu and Justin Lowe were the ones that got it started.  Now it’s got a life of its own.  It’s bigger and better than I could ever have imagined.

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