Journal: Let the Right One In

June 1, 2012

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7:20 am – 8:05 – dinner – 9:35 – 10:20 pm     ||     Seven  |  Studio  |  Home

  • Project:   How to make paint scheme decisions easier for Seven Cycles’ customers.  Jennifer M. is heading this project.  It’s going to help a lot.  Of course we’re going to continue offering our full custom options, too, but the improved stock design system will help cusotmers avoid analysis paralysis.  too.  We’re looking at low-tech ways to solve this complex challenge:  ~20 schemes with an average of ~2 colors per scheme with 20 stock colors from which to choose worked out to well over 15,000 combinations.  I thought we were doing something simple.
  • Seven Cycles:  Working on opening a distributor in Dubai.
  • Project:  Working on Seven Cycles cyclocross fork design.  disc specific and tapered carbon steerer. The usual request for the 2012 season.
  • Design:  Sticker set for Ride Studio Cafe Team Cervelos.  Designed this two years ago but we’re still using them to good effect.
  • Time Marker:  Jon Henig – Seven Cycles lead machinist – is leaving.  He’s moving with his wife, Liz.  Jon has been with Seven for 11-years.  It’s difficult to see him leave.  It’s amazing to think back to when he started here and to see how much he’s grown.  I will miss him; and I’m excited for him and his wife for their next step in live.  I wish him all the best.
  • Consulting:  Skunk is working on a new project.  As with everything he does, it’s going to be more than interesting.  He thinks this project may take a year to finish.  Somehow I think he’ll be done sooner.  Seven Cycles is helping with some materials.  I’m “helping” – barely – with some stuff, too.
  • Reading:  If consumers are Bayesian, firms will not shroud information in equilibrium.

 – Post title from the film Let the Right One In

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