Journal: Have at it

May 31, 2012

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7:40 am – 8:05 pm     ||     Seven

  • Consulting & Research:  Just bowed out of another research project.  This time it’s with the Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics.  I worked on a project a few months ago with them and it was really interesting – hoping to post about it.  But, now I’ve got too much happening so I have to pass on the newest opportunity for me to use my brain in a different way.
  • Project:  Working with TB on a fitting system for retailers.  Big project with a very long story arch.  First step taken today.
  • Project:  Finished the latest round of the “Local Framebuilder” family tree for the BSA exhibit.  I’ve added more builder and pushed backward in time to 1972.  Last round went back to about 1980.  I do have info that goes back to the late 1800s but I’ve not spent time filling it in.  There’s a gap from about 1920 to about 1970 with not much happening.  Jim Ammireto – through Mike Salvatore – just sent me an interesting editorial with some history to track down.
  • Project:  Finished up the last pieces of the Observatory Metric Century for Sunday that the Ride Studio Cafe is putting on.
  • Project:  Got the Ride Studio Cafe’s Sul Posto Cafe up and running again.  For this Sunday’s ride.
  • Project:  Working on a new menu board idea for the Ride Studio Cafe.  It’s different from any system I’ve seen at a cafe before.  In fact, we’ve got another cafe interested in applying the system – once we have our set up going.  Not a radical concept but a useful system for the Studio’s drink and supplier style.
  • Project:  Wrapping up Seven Cycles ad for Cyclocross Magazine.  Mo Bruno Roy ad.  Looks good.  Great photo.  Skunk pulled it all togehter.  John Lewis wrote it.  Photographer: XXXXX
  • Time Marker:  PON just aquired Focus.  Now it’s Focus and Cervelo together.  Let’s see how fare the rabbit hole goes.
  • Time Marker:  I have a really unpleasant case of poison ivy.  Rode with the Seven team last week and crashed headlong into a poison ivy patch.
  • Time Marker:  Leo Dillon died on Saturday.  The illustrations of Leo and his wife Diane were influential to me.  Their work was one of the few ways to get me to open a book as a kid; my family were all voracious readers – except for me.  I love this, “Their emphasis on inclusion sprang from their experience as an interracial couple. As they often explained in interviews, after their son, Lee, was born in the 1960s, they surreptitiously colored the skin of characters in the picture books they bought him, recasting them as black, Hispanic and Asian.”  

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