Journal: Selling is Active

May 30, 2012

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7:50 am – 8:10 pm – break – 10:40 – 11:30 pm     ||     Seven  |  Studio  |  Work from home

  • Consulting:  I’ve been reviewing a paper from the Office of Naval Research regarding stiffness degradation in welded aluminum structures.  I’ve been asked for input regarding it’s relevance and relationship to bicycle frames.  This reminds me that it’s a common misconception that metal frames become more flexible over time.  The short answer is no; metal bicycle frames – steel, aluminum, and titanium – do not become more flexible over time.  The material’s modulus does not change.  The only situations where this could occur are if the frame is already failing – through cracking or plastic deformation, in which case, increasing frame flexibility is the least of your worries.
  • Time Marker:  For the first time in my memory, I’m bowing out of an important project:  CYCLE Kids strategy setting.  I’ve worked with CK for nearly two years and it’s been very intersting.  Unfortunately I simply have too many projects in play right now and I’m not doing service to anyone by doing a halfway job on work.  Something’s got to give and consulting work is where it begins.
  • Project:  Posters for Seven.  A series of four posters:  road, mountain, cross, endurance.  A fun project for which I don’t have time.  Working with four different photgraphers on this project.  Tight timeline – in spite of the fact that I was supposed to have this done a few months ago.  Marketing, yay.
  • The difference between sales and marketing.  I find that most people that think they are selling are actually marketing.  It’s simple but apparently not easy.
    • Selling:  To develop a belief in the value of a product or service.
    • Marketing:  To bring to the market a product or service.

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