Journal: Saturday Supersonic

May 26, 2012

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7:40 am – 10:05 pm     ||     Studio  |  Seven

  • DROVES Ride | Photo by Matt Roy

    Work:  At Seven Cycles this evening welding and doing a bit of machining.  I’m working on a high priority project – deadline 8am Sunday morning; correcting something that initially went wrong.  The secret code is “fender.”  It’s been a while since I’ve welded.  The smell of burning ozone is like an old friend.  Listening to 88.1 fm on the radio.  Brings me back 25-years.

  • Project:  Worked on the Rialto Restaraunt PMC ride that the Ride Studio Cafe is managing – the first one of two big ones this year.  Lots to do and it’s going to be a great event.  Not sure how I’m going to manage the very small team to get it all done.  Working on a new ride loop that I think will be great – but there are a lot of other reasons to come on the ride – post ride food by Rialto is just one awesome reason to join RSC.
  • Work:  Memorial day weekend doesn’t seem to quiet down the Ride Studio Cafe.  Very busy day.  Total number of customers was about average for a Saturday but I’m pretty sure we had a record on one of our other important metrics.  Thinking Sunday will be a bit quieter.
  • Press:  Stef of Bespoke Cycles in San Francisco shared his initial thoughts about his brand new Seven Cycles project bike.  He shows a lot of great manufacturing photos of Seven’s progress on his bike.  It’s a really interesting bike and a great description of the project.  Check it out.
  • Note:  John and Pamela Blayley hosting the DROVES rides this weekend.  Matt and Mo are there, too.
  • Thinking about people management, communication conflict, and interpretation.  How quickly words become conflict.

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