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May 15, 2012

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So many possibilities.

I love books, periodicals, and magazines.  One of my favorite pass-times is to read.  Of course that doesn’t happen anymore.  Stealing a few minutes to read an article in Harvard Business Review or Business Week – even part of an article – feels like a pleasurable sin.  I’m so much more driven to act than to research anymore.  Much more learning through doing and breaking than reading and reflecting.

Anyway, Harvard Book Store – with the cool web address: – recently upped the book store ante by printing books inhouse and on demand.  Not only that, they print custom perfect bound books, too.

So tempting.  Yet another distraction from the important work at hand.

“The Espresso Book Machine sits in the middle of Harvard Book Store like a hi-tech visitor to an earlier era. A compact digital press, it can print nearly five million titles including Google Books that are in the public domain, as well as out of print titles. We’re talking beautiful, perfect bound paperbacks indistinguishable from books produced by major publishing houses.

“You can walk into the store, request an out-of-print, or hard-to-find title, and a bookseller can print that book for you in approximately four minutes.

“But you don’t even have to go into the store to get a book. If you live in Cambridge and neighboring communities, you can order online and get any book delivered the same day by an eco-friendly Metroped “pedal-truck.”

I feel like about to tip the scales back to reading from doing.  Maybe a bit of scale balancing.

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