Project: Coffee Table For Ride Studio Cafe

April 23, 2012

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We’re building a coffee table for Ride Studio Cafe from scratch.  The original table is lovely but it’s too wide for the space.  We can’t find any pre-made table to that’s the right width and length so we’re building our own – what a surprise.  It’s going to be great.

We’re using re-purposed used parts, including:

  • The table top is from one of Seven’s old workbenches
  • The legs are from an old lathe

We’re installing locking wheels so we can move the table around; it’ll be a few hundred pounds by the time it’s complete.  I think the wheels will be new.  And we’re having to build trusses to hold the wheels cantilevered from the legs.  The table would sit too high if we install the wheels below the legs.

Dimensions:  Length 96″, width 30″, height 32″

Project timeline in reverse:

December 4  |  We’re – read Matt O. is – nearly done with the Coffee Table for Ride Studio Cafe.  It’s going to be the heaviest table on the block.  And most vintage.

November 29  |  The legs are just about prepped.  It’s taken forever to clean them up.  Still a few layers of paint, grease, and detritus to remove, but I can see the base layer or iron now.

November 14  |  Matt O’Keefe has been working on a new Ride Studio Cafe community table.  We’ve been working on making it out of repurposed materials:  the legs are from an old lathe we had and the top is from a spare workbench.  It weighs a few hundred pounds so we have to put it on wheels.  Working on an unusual setup for that.

November 5  |  Matt O. has been working on the Community Table For Ride Studio Cafe.  Using some re-purposed parts for the project.  It’s going to weight about 500 lbs.  And it’ll be great.  Just in time for the holidays.  Posting images soon.  Sure.

July 27  |  Matt’s found perfect legs.  They each weigh about 100 lbs.  It’s going to take about 100 hours each to clean and prep them.  They came off an old lathe; they are about as sturdy as we’ll ever find.  They are caste.  In fact, so heavy that we’ll have to put wheels on this table so we can move it around without anyone wrenching a back.

June 12  |  Matt and I talked about leg design today.  I’m worried that most designs won’t be stable or sturdy enough.  If someone bumps the table we can’t have coffee spilling all over the place.  We’re looking at making legs kind of like we built for our alignment table.  It looks like a lot of work to me.  Matt’s exploring other ideas, too.

April 23, 2012  |  Matt noticed that the community table at the Ride Studio Cafe is a bit problematic.  It’s too wide for the space; and it’s definitely wider than it needs to be.  The current table makes it difficult to get bikes into the rack, allow for a line of people waiting for coffee, and allow for people to sit at the table without feeling cramped.  Solution:  A narrower table that’s just as long.  This is a challenge because we can’t find anything pre-exisitng.  So, we’ll make something from scratch, of course!

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