Product Design: PAC Bike

April 11, 2012

in Product Design, Projects - Defying Category

This is an unusual private label project.  It’s unlikely that Seven Cycles will take on this project – for the usual reasons – but I’m excited to work on the design.

This one is very private so there’s not much I can say about it until the contract is signed.

Project timeline in reverse:

July 4  |  Finally I’ve worked on this and got some thoughts on how to approach it.  Of course, now Jennifer’s on vacation – a very rare occurance – so I’ll wait to present ideas to her before showing to the prospective customer.

May 15  |  Customer contacting me again.  I’ve made close to no progress on this.

April 15  |  The customer is hot for some bikes asap.  If I could build hours as quickly as Seven builds frames, I’d have time to get details to the customer.

April 11  |  First contact.  Interest from P.  I’ll talk with Jennifer and Matt about it and see what they think.  Of course, I’d like to do it.


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