Graphic Design: Seven Cycles Kit – Summer 2012

April 6, 2012

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As we’re putting together the Seven Cycles Team Kit – and the Factory Team Kit, we’re also working on the 2012 Seven Kit; this is the kit that we’ll be offering on our website that anyone can buy.  The Team Kit is for team members only; it’s not for sale.

Designer:  Rob V. and Skunk

Supplier:  Capo

Deadline:  June 15, 2012

Project timeline in reverse:

July 6  |  This project is back on the front burner – we have a lot of front burners at Seven.  Planning on wrapping it up next week.  We’re having some trouble with it’s design relative to the Team Kit.  We want it to allude to the Team but not be mistaken for the Team Kit.  People like the Team Kit too much – that’s the problem of the moment.  The Seven Kit keeps migrating back toward the Team Kit.  There are worse problems to have.

July 2  |  Skunk and I worked on a second generation design today.  I’m liking the direction.  I think we’re almost there.  The big issue of the moment is that we need these kits done before we start our brochure photoshoots – they’ll be here before I know it.

June 15  |  Well we’re definitely missing the deadline; we’ve put this project on hold until we get some other things in order.  The Team Kits came out really well so I’m confident that we’ll have a great Seven Kit, too.

April 6  |  We’re going to take some design cues from the Team Kit that we’re just starting.  However, I’m committed to not selling the team kit.  My idea is that if you see someone wearing the team kit, they are on the team.  No doubt.  However, we’re hoping that the team kit is strong enough that we’ll use that as a base for the Seven Kit.

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