Ride Project: Stories from the Long Ride

March 6, 2012

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Ride Project #1 for 2012

This is my first ride project for 2012.  I’m still recovering from the 111111 event from November.  Regardless, this is a different kind of ride and even than Ride Studio Cafe has done before.

In this case there’s an event and a ride.

Short Story Version about the ride:

The Plan:  A 110k randonneur ride to introduce RSC people to that type of riding.  A cue sheet with 130 turns is a good start.

The Route:  Out to Lost Lake.  Route by Pamela Blalock.

The Coolness:  Doing it as a brevet style is really different from what we’ve done before with riders.  Each rider depends on the cue sheet and could ride alone or in small groups.

The Result:  It was a chilly one but we had well over 50 riders.  And the event that evening was great.

The pre-ride blog post I put together.

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