Jennifer Miller

January 1, 1990

in People

To me, Jennifer Miller is the definition of the critical thinker.  She is also always the smartest person in the room.  Both of these statements are compliments.

I’ve worked with Jennifer for more than two decades.  She is from the old guard of Merlin Metalworks.  We’ve both lived through business’s highest highs and a few low lows.  I’ve stuck with her over the years because we respectfully see the world so differently.  She’s stuck with Seven for some inexplicable reason.  That we see the world so different is one of the reasons our working partnership has been so successful.

I know that Seven Cycles would not have survived its early years if not for Jennifer’s passion for excellence, commitment to Seven, and her unflinching capacity for critical thinking.  I rue the day she might leave Seven.

Jennifer pushes me harder than anyone else I know.  She pushes me to do better work, think more carefully, and improve every day.

I look forward to the next two decades with Jennifer.

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