David Herlihy: Allen & Sachtleben’s 1891 Round the World Adventure

March 2, 2014

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Allen & Sachtleben on the road - circa 1892

Bike riding in 1891; 124 years ago.  My sense of reality is forever altered.

When I was at the Seattle Bike Expo I got to see David Herlihy talk about one of his recent projects.

David Herlihy at the Seattle Bike Expo 2014 - photo - Rob Vandermark

David showed a few of the hundreds of recently discovered Kodak negatives of Allen and Sachtleben’s European and Asian adventure including Greece, Turkey, and Persia.  These images are astounding to me.  David has done a tremendous amount of work to pull these images together, get them cleaned up, and have them digitally clarified and reproduced.  The detail and visual story is beyond words for me.

More images!

I took a few photos of the projected slides David was showing.  My bad photos don’t do the images justice.

Allen & Sachtleben river crossing - circa 1892

Hearing David discuss the details of each photo was a highlight of the year for me.

Allen & Sachtleben the view - circa 1892

David is working on getting the images on display in the Boston area.  I hope to help him make it happen.  This piece of cycling history is so important.

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