One Broken Window Becomes Many

January 14, 2014

in Business Thinking, Semiotics of a Ride

Welcome to Boston - photo - Rob Vandermark

I am curious about the order of operations on this one.  Did they cut down the tree before slapping in some asphalt?  Or, did they apply the asphalt, condemning the tree to a slow death?  Why leave the stump if you’re paving over it?  Doesn’t applying asphalt make stump removal a lot more challenging?  Is this some conflict between the streets and parks departments?  Is it a sinister reminder of humankind’s fleeting dominance over nature?  Welcome to the big city.

Post title:  “The objective was order, an inherently ambiguous term but a condition that people in a given community recognized when they saw it.”  –  Broken Windows [PDF]

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