Race: Rapha Gentlemen’s Race New Jersey & Pennsylvania 2013

May 4, 2013

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 “[S]kinny tires might look faster, but after the 4th flat, you’ll be regretting not putting at least 25 gators hard-shells on. Bring plenty of spare tubes, tools etc. A frame pump might not hurt either. And this course crushes souls and carbon wheels…”

Rapha Gentlemen's Race 2013 NJ&P - logotype


The 2013 Rapha Gentlemen’s Race is complete.  A great time was had by all of the people I know that participated in the ride.  The Ride Studio Cafe Team did an amazing job – taking third place by only three minutes.

RGR RSC riding out front - photo - Abigail Thomas - cropped

Matt Roy leading the charge at the Rapha G-Race 2013

Matt Roy noted:

“We were the third fastest team on the course, missing the win by only 3-minutes… but not at the expense of being gentlemanly… we stopped to assist an injured rider along the way and checked on anyone stopped along the roadside.”

I’ll post official results, and some race reports, once I have them.

Official Results

1. 9W 7 hours 49 minutes, and first to finish
1. Bicycle Therapy 7:49
3. Ride Studio Cafe 7:51
4. Philadelphia Ciclismo 8:14
5. Bicycling Magazine 8:34
6. Hilltop Bicycles/Allez Endurance 8:35
7. CRCA/Setanta 8:37
8. Velocipede Salon 8:42
9. Foundation 8:48
10. BSM 8:59
10. NYC Velo/ Hastings Velo 8:59
12. CRCA/Arc Racing 9:00
13. Slouch Racing 9:07
14. Team Yacht Club 9:19
15. Signature Cycles 9:21
16. Kutztown Cutters 9:22
17. Summerville Sports 9:36
18. Rapha Continental 9:54
19. Kapelmuur Independent 10:18
20. Geekhouse 10:26
21. Team Corsa NYC 10:36 and Lanterne Rouge

DNF – did not finish with all six riders or did not complete the course:

NCVC/United Healthcare
Rapha Women’s
Rapha Racing NYC

A few notes from the Rapha Gentlemen:

  • This is a 6-person team race where you are only as fast as your slowest person. All 6 need to finish as a team.
  • The route will be ‘released’ a few days before the race. It’ll be around 130 miles, with some nice climbing, a healthy dose of gravel and stunning vistas.
  • The first team will start at 730AM on Saturday May 4th at a later confirmed location around Hopewell, NJ.
  • There is no outside support.

The teams originally signed up for the event are:

Sommerville Sports
Kapelmuur Independent
Ride Studio Cafe
Signature Cycles
Independent Fabrication
Bicycle Therapy
Bicycling Magazine
Philadelphia Ciclismo
Slouch Racing
Hilltop Bicycles/Allez Endurance
Velocipede Salon
Team Yacht Club
BSM Cycling
CRCA/Arc racing
Team Corsa NYC
Kutztown Cutters
Rapha Continental
Rapha Women’s
Rapha Racing NYC

Photos:  Abigail Thomas Photography

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