Journal: Not So Pure, But Certainly Simple

May 3, 2013

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Seven Cycles Ad, Five-WeeksFriday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:35 am – 9:10 pm

  • Product Development:  I’m way behind on a new mountain bike design for Seven Cycles.  It’s been rolling around – on paper – for a few years.  Matt O. and I are starting to work on a prototype.  I’m way too slow.  And there’s too many ideas to jam into one bike so the project will probably more likely end up being three bikes.  That’s okay, but it’ll be frustrating for Matt.  But he’s used to working with me – for 25 years.  On this first bike we’ll be including about 10% of the total design ideas.
  • Product Development:  The three bikes for the RSC Endurance Team are moving along.  They are diverging from each other every day.  This is the actual design intent from the beginning:  three bikes that can ride 1,200k but are all extremely different approaches to the same challenge.  I’m excited about this one – or these three.  More to come!
  • Product Evolution:  The past year has been interesting to watch how three wheel size options in mountain biking has wreaked havoc on bike industry product managers.  Fortunate for Seven Cycles it doesn’t really matter what wheel-size is hot right now; we happily work with all three.  And, because every bike we build is custom, we have some unusual insights into what’s happening on the front line.  Lots of excited talk about a given design does not necessarily mean that people are buying it – at least at the high-end.  It’ll be fun to watch how the true share of 26″, 650b, and 29er wheels evolve in the next year.  It’s all good from where I sit – except for the marketing hype that says one wheel is infinitely better than all other wheels, until next week.

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