Journal: Efficacy Is Not Germane

April 17, 2013

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Wednesday location:  Studio  |  Seven  |  Studio     ||     6:50 am – 6:40 pm – scouting

Seven Mike Salvatore at cutoff lathe - photo - Kirk Tegelaar

  • Graphic Design:  Seven Cycles Ads – we’re rocking on them.  The photo above is one example of images from the series.  Kirk is outdoing himself on this set of photos.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapping up the finishing touches on Seven Cycles’ Bike Catalogue; it’s a supplement to the Seven Brochure.  And, as an aside, we’re already working on the 2014 Seven Brochure.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapping up the latest rendition of the Ride Studio Cafe summer cycling caps.  Two designs for summer.
  • Recruiting:  The ongoing wave of hiring continues.  I feel like I’m averaging at least an hour a day on this.  And it would probably wise for me to invest even more time on this work.
  • Note:  I get M&A faxes and emails just about every week.  They’re random and irritating because every time one comes through the fax machine my paranoia makes me think that employees must think I’m looking to sell Seven Cycles.  Fortunately nothing could be further from the truth.  Today I receive a particularly cool automated fax.  Part of the pitch was, “[The buyer is] interested in buying all or a substantial portion of Vandermark.”  Finally, an offer  in which I’m really interested.  I definitely want to sell all of me.  Not sure if the offer includes tattoo coverage, servitude  or something else.  I can’t wait to contact the, “Mergers and Acquisitions Dept” – that’s the name of the company.  My next business will definitely have the term “Dept” in the company’s name.  Very clever.

Post title:  Ethics is not expedience

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