Journal: If Everything Isn’t Black And White, I Say Why the Hell Not

March 25, 2013

in Journal Notes

Monday location:  Seven  |  9:05 am – 8:35 pm

Sicilian Cobbles - photo - Rob Vandermark

  • Hiring:  Full on recruiting right now.  Eight searches at once – for multiple businesses.  Some more pressing than others.  All important.  Seven did hire one person recently.  Yeah!
  • Rocking:  Ride Studio Cafe has had an amazing first quarter.  The Studio’s customers are the best!
  • Note:  How is it that I have an ability to turn a “good thing” into “negative thing?”  I’m always so concerned about what’s wrong that nothing is actually great.  If something is great I must be missing something.  That’s not very helpful, is it.

Post title:  John Wayne


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