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February 6, 2013

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Chip Baker posted on VeloCB about Honey Bikes today.

Honey Limited Edition Hub Cyclocross - side - sized

Honey and Hup United have worked on a few projects over the past couple years.  Chip manages Hup New England.  Honey recently worked on a project with Hup to design some limited edition Hup bikes:

Here are some highlights from Chip’s writings about that project:

About Honey Bikes:

These are the types of bikes I love. Simple. Steel. Yes I love steel. Bikes to be ridden. And raced.  […]

It was one of the best cross racing bikes I have ever ridden or raced. It was also one of the best offroad bikes I have ever tried. In New England we don’t limit our cross bikes to the race course.  […]

Each [Honey] bike was taken so far it was incredible. And not in the handbuilt show manner where the bike is visually appealing but not a bike you could ride. These bikes were the pinnacle of their design objective. I don’t know if I could pick one that stole the show.  […]

I could spend hours talking about why I love steel bikes. So many people today have never had the chance to ride one. Its too bad. But that is all about to change. Steel is making a comeback. It has been fighting back at the high end for a while. The handbuilt show has grown at a level no one thought would have been possible. But steel at its core isn’t just about show bikes its about riding all the time. Its about a bike that is built to be ridden not shown off.

About the Ride Studio Cafe:

If you have never been to one of the Ride Studio parties you are missing out. The RSC has become the hub for cycling culture in Boston. The parties are always a who’s who of cycling. It’s always a great time meeting old friends and making new ones. They go all out and all feel welcomed and have a great time.

But the second I walked into this party it felt different. It was more like walking into a gallery opening than a bike shop party. The bikes were all on display and people were looking at each of them like works of art. To say that Rob, Mike and Matt and the whole team blew everyone’s minds is an understatement.

Wow!  Thank you Chip!  I can’t wait to see where we bring this project next.

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