Journal: Purple Makes A Fine Shroud

January 4, 2013

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Chainstays – charting the path to infinite futures

Friday location:  Seven  ||  7:20 am – 9:10 pm

  • Love Riding:  Seven Cycles just received an order for a coaster brake bike.  That’s cool.  I haven’t ridden a coaster brake in too many years.  Some day I’ll have a kickback two-speed bike again.
  • Product Loop:  Worked a bit today on chainstay categorization within the world of Seven.  There are about 20 variables on any stay design.  And each variable interacts in multiple ways.  I look forward to figuring out the matrix.  We’re getting there.  Right now each design feels like a re-creation of the wheel.  No pun.
  • Business Development:  Making good progress on some food experiments at Ride Studio Cafe.  We’re actually going to be offering something other than usual.  But, of course we’re making it really complicated to make something really simple.  The Studio Cafe menu will soon undergo a major update.  I can’t wait.
  • Product Design:  Updating the Nella Neve with SRAM parts, studded tires, and drop bars.  Hoping to be back on the bike by next weekend.
  • Product Development:  The Honey Race bike project is well underway.  I’ve run the numbers on stiffness, ride characteristics  and durability.  It’s a tricky balance of weight reduction without tempting the beer can effect demons.   Sourcing raw materials today.  Will start machining next week; by the end of the process we’ll end up with more metal weight on the ground than in the frame; most of the material we’re buying will turn into metal shavings.
  • Consulting:  The eBike project number three looks like it might happen.  More soon.

Post title:  “Theodora proved herself a worthy and able leader during the Nika riots.  […]  Unable to control the mob, Justinian and his officials prepared to flee. At a meeting of the government council, Theodora spoke out against leaving the palace and underlined the significance of someone who died as a ruler instead of living as an exile or in hiding, saying “purple makes a fine shroud” meaning better to die an emperor fighting to keep his throne than to run away in fear and live as an exile.  [The royal color was purple…]  Her determined speech convinced them all, including Justinian himself, who had been preparing to run.  […]  Historians agree that it was Theodora’s courage and decisiveness that saved Justinian’s reign.”

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