Journal: Overwintering Crew Regress Further Into Their Own Minds

December 26, 2012

in Journal Notes

Wednesday location:  Seven  ||  8:40 am – 6:40 pm

  • Product Development:  Been working on a set of next generation steel bikes for Honey.  Not stainless.  Hoping to have the first production bikes out in early February.
  • Business Development:  Working on closing some aspects of the 2012 calendar for Seven Cycles.  I’m way behind, only bay about two months.  Time off this week to get that done.  Seven hit many of the goals we set for the year.  We missed a couple, too, but overall a fantastic year.  Summary to follow in January.
  • Business Development:  I’ve been working on the second five year plan for Honey Bikes.  It’s a lot simpler than Seven’s plan so that’s nice.  And it’s pretty interesting.  A lot of great opportunity in steel, the evolving specialty market, and the US in general.  Too many opportunities.
  • Product Development:  Seven Cycles has been refining the Campagnolo EPS wire routing.  I think we’re done with this round.  I think that must mean Campy is about to change the design again.
  • Time Marker:  The sickness dog still nipping at my heals.  I am a well healed Achilles exposed.

Post title:  Antarctica to Mars.

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