Journal: Expectations Affect Behaviour to Make Expectations Come True

November 28, 2012

in Journal Notes

Wednesday location:  Seven     ||     8:05 am – 9:25 pm

  • Book Project:  Seven Cycles was invited to participate in a book project today.  We’ll see where this leads.  Interview happens on Monday.
  • Business Development:  Met again about Seven Cycles Winter Session with our top retailers.  We’ve settled on the dates, invite list, topics, and food.  It’s going to be the biggest retailer gathering for Seven in the past five years.  I’m looking forward to getting retailers from around the world all to Seven at one time.
  • Clothing Design:  I’m calling it Wool Jersey Hell today.  All three versions are just about done.  Posting more, soon.
  • Product Development:  We started Mo Bruno’s latest frame project yesterday.  Posted more photos of progress today.  Matt Roy will be building the bike up on Friday evening.  No sweat.
  • Clothing Design:  We’re designing a Seven Cycles custom Zipper pull for the wool jersey project.  Not sure if we’re going to make the deadline but we’re trying.

Post title:  Confirmation bias.

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