Journal: We Are Here To Make another World

November 15, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven     ||     7:35 am – 10:05 pm

  • Product Development:  Met with Mo Bruno Roy and Matt Roy today to work on Mo’s latest bike design:  PRO 2.0.  As Matt put it, the original prototype Mudhoney PRO was, “more prototype than pro.”  I know what he means.  We’re working on 2.0 right now.  Taking all of Mo’s feed back – and even some of Matt’s – to create the next generation bike that Mo will be racing all around the world.
  • Ride Event:  Mary ride is shaping up.  Already about 30 riders on board.  Expecting more soon.  Trying to figure out how to manage them all.  It’s a fun project for a change :).  Two rides mapped out.
  • Graphic Design:  Working on a winter jersey project; actually two of them.  I’m behind as usual.  Fortunately Lily R. is helping pick up the pieces – playing point person with one of the suppliers.  Hoping to have images posted soon.  We’ve already nearly sold out.
  • Business Development:  Why growth.  I’ve had many meetings over the years about this topic.  I think I’ve written about a book’s worth of notes on why growth is important – and most of those notes are very counter-intuitive.  Growth and movement are related.  No time right now to write more.  The words of W. Edward Deming are informative.

Post title:  “We are here to make another world.”  – W. Edwards Deming

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