Journal: Familiarly Known Is Not Properly Known

November 8, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:40 am – 10:05 pm

  • Event:  At the Ride Studio Cafe this evening for a RideWithGPS event.  Another great project; I can’t keep up with them.  But somehow Patria is keeping up – and getting ready for this Saturday’s Harvard General Store ride.
  • Entrepreneurship:  The Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab website is live.  This was a project on which I worked back in February and March of this year.  Their site is finally live.  They have a bit of my content up there.  I’ve posted a few items on TIAY, too.
  • Business Development:  I had a discussion today about business development timing.  I think timing has played a really important roll in the work I’ve done.  In retrospect, on many projects, it’s the timing of when I’ve worked on something – or chosen not to work on something – that’s made all the difference.  The world rotates and all the pieces move.  Pangea isn’t what it used to be.  A smart plan today becomes untenable tomorrow if not implemented at the right time.  That doesn’t mean that every project has to happen today – but it often feels that way.

Post title:  “What is ‘familiarly known’ is not properly known, just for the reason that it is “familiar.” When engaged in the process of knowing, it is the commonest form of self-deception, and a deception of other people as well, to assume something to be familiar, and give assent to it on that very account.”  –  Hegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, 1807

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