Journal: Tis Well

November 2, 2012

in Journal Notes

Friday location:  Seven  |  Studio      ||     8:40 am – 10:35 pm

  • Note:  Short posts today.  Too many work hours in a row already this week.
  • Ride:  I raced the final stage of the Fall Five this morning at 6:30 am.  Glad it’s over.  Glad to have done it.
  • Design:  Trophies finished for the Fall Five event this evening.  Happy with them.  I posted a bunch of fabrication photos.
  • Event:  Ride Studio Cafe had the Fall Five After Party this evening.  Lots of great people.  Great prizes.  Good fun.
  • Event:  Getting some stuff together for the private party at Ride Studio Cafe tomorrow evening.

Post title:  George Washington’s last entry in his diary.

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