Journal: If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not Yet the End

October 12, 2012

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Friday location:  Seven     ||     6:25 am9:25 pm

  • Interview:  More from an upcoming interview.  The interviewer was surprised about how I discussed my time working in a bike shop.  I worked for about eight years – through high-school and college – at a bike shop.  It was a very formative time for lots of reasons.  I learned much of how I think about retail interaction and sales from those eight years.  I still try to apply much of it in my work at Seven Cycles and the Ride Studio Cafe.
  • Production Management:  Today at Seven Cycles we had a helpful meeting about 622 production.  This bike has been more popular that we originally projected and we’re working on ways of integrating the frame’s unusual design into production in a more seamless way.  When it comes to fixturing and tooling I tend to lean toward low-cost fast implementation solutions for a lot of reasons – most of which don’t have anything to do with saving a dollar.  It’s so easy to lean toward super elegant high-cost solutions.  I do a lot of cost-benefit analysis; this is usually easier to perform than most people believe.  One of the costs is cost of frustration.  More later.
  • Recruiting:  still rolling along on this; three people to find.  We’ve made some fantastic hires so far – 100% success, which is very rare.  We’ve got a lot of hours left before making these next three hires.  A few good candidates in the mix right now.
  • Ride Event:  I’ve been working on the next big ride project for Ride Studio Cafe – with the help of Patria and Lily, of course.  This project is called the Fall Five.  I’m fairly certain that this is going to be the biggest project we’ve done at RSC.  It’s a version of the ToTU rides we did last year.  But bigger and funner.
  • Time Marker:  Saw, in Mo Bruno Roy’s words, “a cotton candy sunrise” as I dropped her and Matt Roy off at the airport for Mo’s weekend of cyclocross racing in Fort Collins, CO.  Mmmm, cotton candy.

Post title:  “In the end, everything will be okay.  If it’s not okay,  it’s not yet the end.”  – Fernando Sabino.

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