Journal: We Haven’t Looked Back

September 13, 2012

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So Close | Photo: Rob Vandermark

Thursday location:  Seven     ||     7:25 am – 8:50 pm

  • Recruiting:  Still investing many hours each week.  I think we’ve found people for three of the positions.  Still working hard to find the right people for the four other positions.  I’ve been doing so many interviews I sometimes forget what I’m doing.  I feel like I’m providing therapy, or doing interviews for a magazine or something.  “Tell me more about the time you took a swing at your co-worker.”
  • Production Management:  Working through the plan for Q4 and a strong wrap-up to Q3.  Too many good options on how to make this happen.  No shortage of good ideas; it’s the execution that’s the challenge.  Not enough hours in the day or people to help make it all happen.
  • Writing:  I wish I could write.  John L. is killing me.  Patrick Brady’s piece for the Brochure is really strong.  Pretty much everyone that’s contributing to the brochure put together great pieces.  I’ll be dragging this piece backwards, as I so often do.  I’m surrounded by writers.  How did that happen?
  • Design:  Brochure:  Getting to the part where I’m agonizing over photos.  So many good once from which to choose.  It’s like having a bag of candy.
  • Graphic Design:  Jordan is finishing up Mo’s Mudhoney Pro decal design.  Jordan and I came up with an entirely different set up from Mo’s current race bikes.  Hoping to get some good photos soon.
  • Time marker:  Got my email inboxes down to 300 today.  It’s supposed to be zero, right?
  • Recruiting:  So many resumes I review that have more jobs than years.  How is it possible to have 12 jobs in 10-years?  It’s really hard to wrap my brain around this.  I worked at a bike shop for 8-years, at Merlin for 10-years, and Seven for 15-years.  It doesn’t sound like fun to me to change jobs every 9-months.  It probably doesn’t sound like fun to most people to have an average job tenure of 11-years, either.  They’d all be wrong though, if you did what I did for a living!

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