Journal: Fortitudine Vincimus – By Endurance We Conquer

September 12, 2012

in Journal Notes

Wednesday location:  Seven     ||     7:25 am – 9:25 pm

Photo: Jason DeVarennes

  • Management:  We were talking about overcoming sales person bias today.  A challenge I see all the time – in myself, at Seven, and with retailers.  It is very difficult to step away from your personal world view.  However, Seven’s best retailers do this every day.  It is one of the fundamental differences between providing what your customer wants and reinforcing your own view of the way the world is supposed to work.  More on this later.
  • Note:  I wish I got paid to disappoint people.  I’d be able to retire already.  Then I’d have time to not disappoint people.
  • Quote:  From Seven’s 2013 brochure:  “Seven is a place where, in the midst of a frantic workday, a particularly beautiful frame can bring everyone together for a few minutes.”  Find out who made up this lie by getting a copy of the new brochure.  Printed soon.
  • Note:  Some cool images and thoughts about the Kearsarge Klassic Dirt Road Randonnee that happened last weekend.  Seven Cycles and Ride Studio Cafe were well reprented by Jake, Pamela, John, and Jason.  It looks like it was a great ride.
  • Time Marker:  Another small bike company is no longer independent.  Guru Bicycles was acquired by Dorel Industries.  Actually Guru was bought a few years ago, but this is different.  I remember when Fisher, Klein, and Bontrager were purchased by a large company.  So many other small companies that went the way or Klein.  Someday I’ll make a list.

Post title:  Ernest Shackleton’s Family moto from many generations prior to his birth.  “Endurance” is the name of Shackleton’s ship.  So so into the concouring plan but it is interesting that he took the “endurance” aspect to heart.

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