Journal: All Systems Going Sideways

July 6, 2012

in Journal Notes

Friday Location:  Seven  |  Studio  |  Seven     ||     7:45 am – tbd

  • Product Design:  Lowmount dropout 2.0 for Seven Cycles.  We’re dragging this project back into the 21st century.  Stef has been managing the SolidWorks portion of the work.  It’s a slow project because everything about the low mount is a series of compromises.
  • Graphic Design:  Seven Cycles jersey design is back on the front burner.  Planning on wrapping it up next week.  We’re having some trouble with it’s design relative to the Team Kit.  We want it to allude to the Team but not be mistaken for the Team Kit.  People like the Team Kit too much – that’s the problem of the moment.  The Seven Kit keeps migrating back toward the Team Kit.  There are worse problems to have.
  • Seven poster designs.
  • Graphic Design:  Brochure 2013.  Iterated content ideas.  We’ve still go too many ideas on the map.  First group meeting happening next week.  Usually we have the entire office – and some production people – participate in content development.  This year is no different other than we’re calling in a few outsiders, too.  To help broaden the view of the brochure.  Fun in fast gear.
  • Graphic Design:  Website 2013.  I’ve been working with Skunk a on the feel of the site.  The 2013 brochure is informing the style, yet again.  I’ve got to review this with the office team soon so that we’re all on the same page.  Everything has migrated so much in the past few months that I think we’re overdue for a review.
  • Time Marker:  Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderock are visiting next week, we hope.  It’ll be good to catch up.  I’m getting the meeting orgazined now; a lot to cover:  plan for 2013, work on some new frame designs, and get them to sign Seven’s new limited edition mountain bike posters!
  • Product Design:  Worked on two new Honey Bike projects.   I’m hoping that they’ll go live in the next couple weeks.  Under wraps until then.


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