Journal: Eating Dust

June 6, 2012

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7:50 am – 10:10 pm     ||     Seven

Matt Roy and Dave Wilcox on a Green Mountain Double Century climb | Photo: Natasha Boltukhova

  • Project:  Made good progress on the private label CFG-bike project today.  I think we’ve got a great design in two configurations.  Prototyping will begin in the next week.
  • Bike Design:  Got the second phase of Matt Roy’s new rando bike completed.  Still a long way to go.  The first race is next weekend at the Green Mountain Double Century.  I’m not thinking we’re going to make it.
  • Design:  We’re getting the Seven Cycles poster project wrapped up.  A series of four posters.  Skunk is rocking the design.  John L. is writing the text.  Multiple photographers; the one of Mary and mike was taken by ?   I’ll post each poster separately.
  • Product design:  formalized the design for some hidden and removable fender mounts.  Simple design that will work on just about any bike.  This came up again today for a high-performance rando bike project.
  • Project:  Wrapping up the latest version of the Local Frambuilder Family Tree.  over,under is doing a redesign of the tree for their Let’s Talk About Bikes exhibit.  I’m psyched that Seven will have two bikes on display.
  • Ride Project:  I’ve been working on a sixth big ride for the 2012 season.  The second one – the Observatory Metric Century – just happened and it was really successful.  This “fifth” ride is the most ambitious yet.  In fact, I’m getting some push back from a few people.  I’ll keep at it for a little while longer and see if I can convince people it’ll be great.  The first one seems so long ago:  Stories from the Long Ride.
  • Race:  The Ride Studio Cafe Endurance Team is ready for the Green Mountain Double Century.  Last year is was a ridiculously difficult race – which the Studio team won.  The same team of defending champions – the smiling triumvirate onslaught of John Bayley, Matt Roy, and Dave Wilcox – is interested in repeating.  Seven Cycles is doing its part by ensuring that all three are on perfect race bred rando bikes.
  • Race:  The Rapha East Coast Gentlemen’s Race is on and finalized.  The Ride Studio Cafe Racers roster is killer:  Matt Roy, Dave Wilcox, Jay Robbins, Oscar Jiminez, John Burkhardt, and Dan Vailancourt.  Every one of these guys is a monster rider.  Do not mess with this team.


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