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May 22, 2012

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7:35  am – 8:15 pm     ||     Location:  Seven  |  Studio  |  Commuted by bike

Great people at Ride Studio Cafe’s 2nd anniversary. Photo by Geoff Martin

  • Note:  Experimenting with journal entry method again – what you’re looking at right now; it’s been more than one year since doing this; I stopped on .  Of course, no time to do this.  Not expecting this to last long.
  • Project:  Working on eliminating the bottleneck between framebuilding and paint.  The paint team is rocking and we’re shifting our production system to provide a better takt time into paint.  Not as simple as it seems.
  • Meeting:  Had to cancel my development meeting this morning.  Not happy about that; I have to cover for a sickling at RSC instead.
  • Press:  Boston Globe considers Seven Cycles in their article, “Many products from famous and up-and-coming companies are made in Massachusetts.”  Products made in Massachusetts
  • Event:  Celebrated Ride Studio Cafe’s second anniversary on Saturday evening.  It was a surprise party of which I was not aware.  It was awesome and very touching.  An amazing group of customers, supporters, and friends.
    • Geoff Martin posted some photos that captured the spirit of the gathering – ignore the ones of me, yipes.
    • Jep Santos posted about it.  Rowena Sy-Santos made the amazing cake for the event.  Go Keyks!
  • Customer:  Saw a nice tumblr post from John Voci; great photos of his beautiful Seven bike.  John writes, “I ride an Axiom and happily share these photos of this lovely and extraordinarily crafted machine.”  He’s been a great friend of the Ride Studio Cafe.  It was a pleasure to work with him on this bike.
  • Race Team:  The Ride Studio Cafe Endurance Team raced the NE Randonnuers Portland Fleche this weekend.  265 miles in 24-hours.  18,400 feet of climbing.  Matt Roy posted a few photos.  Good work boys!  Matt Roy, John Bayley, Dave Wilcox, and David Lafferty.
  • Race Team:  Rapha Gentlemen’s Race:  Involved in three teams participating!
    • The Ride Studio Cafe Endurance Team:  Matt Roy is team coordinator for this event.  Six men:  Matt Roy, Dave Wilcox, Dan Vaillancourt, Oscar Jiminez, and two more yet to be confirmed.  It’s going to be a killer team.  Dan V. is also on the Seven Cycles Factory Team, too.
    • The Epic Avengers:  Four of the six are in the Studio club.  John Blayley is part of the RSC Endurance team.
    • Rapha Womens Ambassadors:  Joy Stark and Lauren Kling of the Rides Studio Cafe Team are on the RWA team, too!
  • Business:  Wondering why, when Seven Cycles’ business has grown by double digits in Q1, we’re still not doing well enough.  Always tension. :p
  • Ephemera:  Just broke 2,800 emails in my Blackberry queue.  I remember about two years ago when I hit 1,000 and thought that the number would get back down to about 500.  Oh, those were the days.  It’s pretty ridiculous now.  I think 1,000 is my tipping point.
  • Project:  Ride Studio Cafe installed the bike rack on Saturday morning.  Pretty amazing feat; the bike parking space that holds 30+ bikes fits in one car parking space.  We think it’s going to have a positive effect on the entire down town Lexington area.  In just three days we’ve heard a lot of great comments and it’s been used a lot!
  • Ride:  Ride Studio Cafe hosted two rides on Saturday for the Lexington Revolutionary Revelry.  We designed two cue sheets that are available at the Studio.  Short rides but very nice; all within the confines of Lexington.  Check them out.
  • Project:  Trying to get all my work done for the Let’s Talk About Bikes exhibit in June. Lots left to do.  Working on the latest version of Seven’s framebuilder timeline.  Along with a lot of other work.  More to come.  On their site you can create a cycling crest.  For me:  All Paths To Cycling – Omnes Semitas Revolutio.
  • Product Design:  Finalized the design for the Ride Studio Cafe Team socks today.  It took forever!  We expect to see them on feet within the next few weeks.
  • Product Design:  Just got word from two retailers that are new to Seven – but that have a lot of high-end custom bike builder experience.  Both said, independently of each other, that they are selling their bikes and getting Seven Cycles 622s instead.  That’s the best possible feedback we can hear, particularly when it’s from jaded industry veterans.
  • Humor?:  I just realized that I eat lunch not so much because I’m hungry, but more because it’s the only time in the day where I’m not interacting with one or more people, non-stop.  People respect the lunch.  No wonder I’m fat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working with people; it’s the only way I get any work done.  But, sometimes my brain benefits from a break.

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